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Real Estate Records Computerized in Hama

The directorate is building a digital database for all land registration
Real Estate Records Computerized in Hama

The Directorate of Real Estates in the province of Hama has completed the computerization of 4,000 real estate deeds as part of a project based on data transformation from paper records to a computerized database.


The records will be stored on the main server of a network consisting of about 12 computers.


The director of Real Estate Directorate in the province of Hama, Muhammad Hammoud, said the directorate continues its work on this project in order to build a digital database and provide the land registry services and exchange the information related to them digitally, securely and reliably.


The director indicated that more than 90% of the work related to copying the documents, contracts and data has been completed. Three copies of each record have been kept in the Directorate and the Department of Informatics, allowing queries for real estate data when needed.


Hammoud explained that the directorate needs six extra trained employees to work on the computerization project, in addition to the existing six employees, as the project will take into account the daily movement of real estate which constantly shifts as a result of the sale and purchase of real estates and the change of the names of their owners.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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