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Protests After Government Arrests Young People in Syria’s Daraa

Following the arbitrary arrest of people wanted for military service, groups of young men have protested in the streets and blocked roads, demanding the release of those who were taken writes North Press.
Protests After Government Arrests Young People in Syria’s Daraa

Armed young men from the western Daraa countryside blocked the roads to the city of Daraa and the central countryside on Monday evening after pro-Syrian government security forces arrested young men from the region. 

A group affiliated with the pro-government Military Security arrested the young men on the pretence that they did not complete compulsory military and reserve service, according local sources. 

Armed young people blocked the roads and burnt tires over the detention of the three young people from the town of Tafes, sources told North Press.

Contrary to the claims of the Military Security, the sources said, “The arrests were due to opposing political points of view against the government and not for being wanted for military service as the Military Security claimed.”

Over the past three days, popular protests, backed by local armed groups opposed to the government, spread in most parts of Daraa.

These protests demanded the release of all political detainees in the government’s prisons in Daraa, according to the sources. 

Furthermore, protests took place on Monday in both towns of Tafes and Kark Gharbi, against the security practices and arbitrary detention by the pro-government military security.

Additionally, about 21 detentions were reported in September from both Daraa and its western and eastern countrysides by groups affiliated with the Military Security, according to activists from the city.


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