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Nusra: 'The End of All Roads' for Hazm Movement

Attack on Hazm Movement imminent following statement issued by the Nusra Front
Nusra: 'The End of All Roads' for Hazm Movement

The Nusra Front has said it has reached "the end of all roads" in its position towards the Hazm Movement, claiming it will “follow the last road to release its soldiers and save them from the injustice they suffer". The statement comes in the lead up to an expected military confrontation between the two sides.


In a written statement released on Thursday, Nusra said, "the Front has tried to avoid clashes with the so-called Hazm Movement. But after the last attack and the arrest of two of our brothers while returning to their homes to rest, the Front has reached the end of all roads. The arrogance of the Movement’s leaders has continued this escalation. After witnessing the failure of all negotiations, the Front will follow its last option to release its soldiers".


"No one can judge us now if we walk this road, we have been patient towards the oppression of our soldiers, and the detention of our weapons and headquarters. We wished to avoid further bloodshed and to focus on fighting regime forces. Can anyone judge us if we choose to end the oppression of our soldiers?", the Front concluded.


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