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NPF: Syria's Resolve Sets an Example

Analysts say Assad is reawakening old allies in the National Progressive Front
NPF: Syria's Resolve Sets an Example

The National Progressive Front (NPF) Central Command reiterated its support to President Bashar Assad and his way of dealing with the Syrian crisis, during a meeting held Tuesday.


The NPF Central Command rarely holds meetings and has little influence on Syrian politics.


The Syrian state-run news agency, SANA reported that the Central Command hailed Syria's "steadfastness in the war" as proof that the “people armed with free political will and independent decision-making can conquer all challenges.”


During a meeting on Monday chaired by the Front's Deputy Chairman Suleiman Qaddah, the Command said it "appreciated the role of the Syrian army and the armed forces in the battle against terrorism" and stressed the "national and public support base is spurring them to make more resounding achievements in defense of the homeland,” according to a report from the Syrian state news agency, SANA.


Syrian analyst Ayman Abdelnour said the meeting showed “Assad has awakened the NPF from a sound sleep."

He told The Syrian Observer that such meetings cannot be held unless authorized by Assad, adding that “Assad is trying to revive the old Baath institutions in order to regain allies that he has been sidelining over the past two years.”




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