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No Direct Negotiations With Regime: Opposition Sources

The opposition delegation will most likely consist of negotiators, political and legislative consultants
No Direct Negotiations With Regime: Opposition Sources

Leadership sources within the Syrian National Coalition said that the delegation participating in the scheduled Geneva II conference has not yet been decided but that a delegation of three strands will likely represent the opposition.


One will be delegated to negotiate, the second is political and the third is legislative.


The sources told the Italian AKI News Agency that participation will be decided at the meeting of the General Commission at the beginning of January.


The delegation being most seriously considered will consist of nine people representing the opposition and led by a figure from the Syrian National Coalition.


The two other delegations will work on the background, with nine political consultants and nine technocrats and legislators, the sources said.


“There will be no direct negotiations with the regime, however, as each of the opposition delegates and the regime delegates will be in separated rooms.The international envoy Lakhdar Brahimi will deliver the messages between the two delegations,” the sources said.


The same sources clarified that “there is an intention to include representatives from the main Syrian opposition movements inside and outside Syria in addition to independent opposition figures” adding that the Coalition will not monopolize the representation.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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