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New Local Council Election in Raqqa

Council acting as local administration despite ISIS control in Raqqa
New Local Council Election in Raqqa

The General Commission of the Local Council of Raqqa governorate declared on Wednesday the formation of the new local council.


The council consists of 15 members in the executive office and three observers. The members of the former executive office and the local sub-councils met to elect the new council, which will begin it's first six-month term Friday.


The council was formed after the the Commission of Local Councils was formed by the Syrian National Coalition.


The chairman of Raqqa Governorate Council, Taleb Nijim and his secretary, Omar Khamri were elected during the meeting, while the members of the local councils in the cities of Raqqa, Tel Abyad, Tabqa and al-Karama have all kept their positions.


The Council is considered the sole civil administration in Raqqa and continues to work despite the fact that the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria has taken control over the city.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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