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New Commander Appointed to Replace Abu Amsha

After the exile of Abu Amsha, Brigadier General Abdel Moneim Naasan was appointed to replace him, according to al-Souria Net.
Abu Amsha
New Commander Appointed to Replace Abu Amsha

The National Army’s Azm Operations Room announced the appointment of a new commander in the Sheikh Hadid area, north of Aleppo, as a replacement for Mohammed al-Jassim, a.k.a. Abu Amsha. He was exiled on charges of corruption.   

Azm issued a statement on Tuesday announcing the appointment of Brigadier General Abdel Moneim Naasan as commander of Sheikh Hadid district, in the northern Aleppo countryside. The statement also targeted several measures on the security situation in the area. 

According to the statement, Sheikh Hadid’s wish was granted: a military police detachment was activated in the area, and military checkpoints, as well as checkpoints set up by the Sultan Suleiman Shah faction, were removed in Afrin’s area. 

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Sheikh Hadid’s new commander, Abdel Moneim Naasan, is a leader of the Sultan Murad division. He defected from Assad’s forces at the beginning of the Syrian revolution, and he holds the rank of pilot technician.  

He comes from the town of al-Batarna, in the southern countryside of Aleppo. 

This follows a decision to exile Abu Amsha, commander of the Sulaiman Shah faction, working in the Afrin countryside northwest of Aleppo, following charges of corruption against him and other faction leaders.


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