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Ministry of Justice Prepares to Announce Tightening of Cybercrime Law

The Syrian minister of Justice is preparing to tighten the cybercrime law, in a bid to repress freedom of speech, according to the Shaam News Agency.
Ministry of Justice Prepares to Announce Tightening of Cybercrime Law
Ministry of Justice Prepares to Announce Tightening of Cybercrime Law

The Assad regime’s Ministry of Justice issued a circular dealing with the issue of pretrial detention in cases of cybercrimes. It was considered a prelude to the imminent announcement of the tightening of the Cybercrime law. This comes despite the disclosure of many leaks that provoked widespread controversy and confirm the intention of the regime to tighten its security grip, on the pretext of combating cybercrime. 

The circular justified the tightening of the law against Cybercrime, as it has become a “crime that threatens the safety and stability of society and has been combated by Decree 17 of 2012”.

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According to the Assad regime’s Ministry of Justice, criticism of the defects should not offend the public administration or its officials – be it in their persons, honor, or private lives. It called on the judge to distinguish between freedom of expression and cybercrimes, the Ministry stated. 

It stated that the legislator organized the institution of pretrial detention in accordance with clear rules and scientific foundations based on the seriousness of the crime and its negative effects on society.

The circular concluded that the perpetrator should be tried fairly and cannot be presumed guilty until the judicial ruling. This circular follows an increase in the number of detainees in the Assad regime Ministry of Interior’s criminal division, despite allegations that the circular calls for the arrest of any accused after obtaining a judge’s approval. This is nothing more than a new precursor, however, to the imposition of the law against cybercrime. 


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