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Kurds Joining Coalition Positive: Anas al-Abda

The addition serves the revolution, Abda said
Kurds Joining Coalition Positive: Anas al-Abda

The member of the political body of the Syrian National Coalition Anas Abda has told Rehab News that the addition of the Kurdish National Council to the group is a correct step for the Coalition to serve the Syrian revolution.


He said the addition of the 11 delegates was inevitable in the current circumstances. Abda stated that the approval of Geneva Conference II following the approval of the General Secretariat of the Coalition "will be based on the final and recently released statement of London conference of the Friends of the Syrian people".


Abda said that the meetings of the Coalition over the past three days "reflected important discussions, in which the Coalition welcomed, after the vote on the resolution, going to Geneva II Conference, based on the statement of the London 11, which mainly explains Geneva I, in terms of the formation of a transitional government as a single authority in Syria.


Abda stressed that the transitional government which will control Syria "has no place for Bashar Assad, if the regime approved Geneva II in this way".


Abda added that the formation of the transitional government will not change the mechanism of the actions of the Coalition, and even the mechanism of action of the interim government, but will be a transitional government, working according to a specific timetable within two months if it is approved by all parties .


On the accession of the Kurdish National Council to the Coalition, Abda said the Coalition welcomes the move, which he described as "the right direction for the benefit of Syria's future."


Abda said there was still a need to work on some things to make the conference succeed, including breaking the siege on cities besieged by the regime, the release of detainees, as well as stopping Assad's killing machine. He said Geneva II will become a procedural work and a transitional phase if the regime accepts it.


"This will serve the Syrian Revolution because it will approve the departure of Bashar Assad. If the regime doesn't accept it, the responsibility of preventing the conference will fall upon the regime in the eyes of the international community," he said.


Abda also announced a meeting of the Coalition with the revolutionary, military and civilian forces will be held at the end of this month to discuss Geneva II and conclude mechanisms for the benefitting the Syrian people and the public good.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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