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Jordan Bans Anti-Assad Event in Amman

Ministry of Internal Affairs blocks scheduled event to be held in the Jordanian capital
Jordan Bans Anti-Assad Event in Amman

The Jordanian Commission to Support the Syrian People said the Jordanian Ministry of Internal Affairs had banned it from holding an anti-Assad regime event scheduled on Monday.

In a public statement, the Commission explained: "the governor of the capital informed us about the ban of the event which we intended to hold in front of the Syrian Embassy in Amman".

"While we would like to apologize to our followers for the forced cancellation of the event, we stress our position towards this criminal regime has not changed", the Commission added.

A number of prominent figures were expected to appear at the event, including the deputy head of the Islamic Action Front, Ali Abu Sukkar, the Dean of Jordan Engineers, Majid at-Tabbaa and Sheikh Amjad Qorsha, in addition to a number of writers and intellectuals.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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