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Jarba Denies Reuters Report Over Geneva II Attendance

Jarba's spokesman says his statement was reported incomplete
Jarba Denies Reuters Report Over Geneva II Attendance

The Secretary-General of the opposition Syrian Natinoal Coalition, Badr Jamous, has denied  a Reuters report that Ahmed Jarba, the President of the Coalition, had agreed to attend Geneva II  talks on the condition a transitional government with the regime was formed.


Jamous said the Reuters report presented only a part of Jarba's statement.


In his statement to Zaman al-Wasl, Jamous said attendance at Geneva II "is only a part of the political solution adopted by the Coalition".


"We are not against going to Geneva, provided it is based on rules and regulations set out by the Coalition in accordance with its rules of procedure which insists on the regime's departure along with all those who were involved in crimes against the Syrian people," Jamous said.


He stressed that going to Geneva is not up to Jarba to decide, and that "even the Coalition's political body cannot take that decision".


He said it was up to the Syrian people to decide, because they suffered the worst massacres in modern history by regime forces.


Jamous said he contacted Jarba in person, who confirmed to him that the Reuters statement was incomplete.


Jamous referred to Jarba's letter to the United Nations issued by the Presidency of the Coalition two days ago, which had a "clear message and was not a secret from the Syrian people, in which the Coalition called to speed up the international process dealing with the Syrian crisis to stop the daily killing of the Syrian people."


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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