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Government Considers Ban on Jordanian Private Cars From Entering Syria

Since the Nasib Border Crossing has reopened, over 2000 public and private vehicles have crossed into Syria writes Damas Post.
Government Considers Ban on Jordanian Private Cars From Entering Syria

Deputy Transport Minister Omar Kamal said that he would soon take a decision to prevent the entry of Jordanian private cars into Syria, adding, “The truth is that after the opening of the crossing, it’s become clear there is mistreatment of Syrian vehicles.”

The statement came during a workshop held by the Labor Observatory for Studies and Research of the General Federation of Trade Unions regarding the affects of the opening of the border crossings and the economic and social implications, and which was attended by prominent economic figures.

The head of the Federation, Jamal Qadri, said that other countries should not be dealt with in the language of emotion, but rather work should be done on the basis of interests, adding, “Citizens are concerned with what we have seen and heard about concerning the deal which opened the border crossing.”

Member of parliament, Ahmed al-Kazbari, expressed total opposition to not applying a reciprocity treatment with the agreement to reopen the Nasib Border Crossing, and all crossings, saying that there was a gap between the government and the citizen and that unfortunately the citizen had no value in government measures.

According to Al-Watan, the head of the Exporters Federations, Ahmed al-Sawah, said that food, clothing and fabric traders in Jordan and Gulf countries are Syrian, saying: “What has been said about taking subsidized goods is untrue, because the government is only subsidizing bread.”

The Deputy General Director of Customs, Samih Qusairi, said that about 2,821 public and private vehicles had entered Syria through the Nasib Border Crossing.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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