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Elderly Man Tortured to Death in Nusra Front Prison

Nusra accused of torturing elderly man to death after he was arrested on false charges
Elderly Man Tortured to Death in Nusra Front Prison

Mudar Abdul Aziz ad-Dayoub’s body was returned to his family 15 days after his arrest by the Nusra Front in Khan Shaeikhuon city. His family was informed he had passed away naturally, but there were obvious signs of torture on the old man’s body and his feet were swollen from trauma.


Abu Ahmed, who is close to the victim's family, said Mudar was arrested after one of his relatives complained about a problem involving him that occurred four years ago. It has since emerged the relative had fabricated a false charge that led to his arrest.


"Nusra did not allow his family to visit him and prevented him from taking his medicine, though he suffers from cardiac disorders", Abu Ahmad added.


The investigator ignored that Mudar was one of the first supporters of the Syrian revolution in the region, and that he had housed Nusra fighters in his farm months prior.


One of Mudar's sons is also a member of the Nusra Front.


The incident angered the city’s residents, while comments appeared on social networking sites where many activists claimed Nusra Front treats its detainees as the Assad regime does in their prisons.


The Nusra Front has not yet issued any official statement on the incident.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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