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Assad Targets National Figures in Sweida

Hunaidi had a prominent role in resolving disputes between Sweida and Daraa
Assad Targets National Figures in Sweida

A National Forces Rally in Sweida province issued a statement on Thursday condemning an assassination attempt against well-known national figure, Abu Moeen Jamal Hunaidi, by armed groups. 


The statement blamed regime security forces, given Hunaidi is known for his support for the Syrian Revolution.


Hunaidi had tried hard to counter regime attempts to sow discord between the cities of Sweida and Daraa, further south, and had worked to resolve many sectarian disputes that had erupted between the two cities. He also had a prominent role in negotiations for the release of hostages from both sides.


A majority of coordinators with the National Forces signed the statement and warned of "serious consequences" for the city's stability as a result of the incident. The statement said the attack threatened civil peace in the city, which dominated by Druze.


Activists said they considered the attack on Hunaidi as a real threat to the civil peace and a clear message to the people of the city.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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