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Assad Meets With Belgian MP Delegation

Visiting Belgian delegation meets with Assad to discuss Syria's efforts in combating terrorism
Assad Meets With Belgian MP Delegation

President Bashar al-Assad dismissed representations of the situation in Syria by politicians and media as distorted.

The image shown is totally different from the reality, the president claimed during a meeting with a visiting Belgian parliamentary and party delegation, chaired by member of the Flemish Parliament, Filip Dewinter.

Politicians and media outlets are ‘twisting’ the public opinion of their countries in favor of “short-sighted visions and narrow interests that do not serve their people”.

Assad called upon delegations that visit Syria to correct the views of the public opinion in their countries about the war against terrorism in which Syria and its people are engaged.

It is a “grave mistake” on the part of some European states to ally themselves with countries that are supporting terrorism, said Assad, stressing that Islam has no relation to terrorism.

President Assad affirmed terrorist organizations and their advocates do not represent Islam, which rejects all forms of violence and upholds tolerance and fraternity.

Syria is on the front line of confrontation against extremism and terrorism, as it is the only state fighting terrorists on the ground, claimed the visiting Belgian delegation.

If this line collapses, terrorism will widely extend to European states, they warned.

This is why we must support Syria in its war, a conviction at which many Western parties and officials have arrived, the Belgian figures said.

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