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Arab Ministers Agree on Roadmap for Egyptian Gas Delivery to Lebanon

The energy ministers of four Arab countries agreed on a roadmap for the delivery of Egyptian gas and Jordanian electricity to Lebanon, according to al-Watan.
For the U.S. Better Syria than Iran in Lebanon
Arab Ministers Agree on Roadmap for Egyptian Gas Delivery to Lebanon

Oil and energy ministers from the Arab gas pipeline countries agreed on a road map to supply Lebanon with Egyptian gas, while Syria announced its support for any joint action in the people’s interests and made the necessary efforts to help Lebanon end the ongoing energy crisis.

During a press conference following a meeting of oil and energy ministers from Syria, Jordan, Egypt, and Lebanon, which was held in Amman yesterday, Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources Bassam Touma explained that Syria will make every effort to help the Lebanese people overcome energy-related challenges, as directed by President Bashar al-Assad. Syria will make every effort to facilitate the successful transfer of Egyptian gas or Jordanian electricity to Lebanon, for the sake of Arab countries.

Touma explained that the two meetings allowed for the development of an action plan, which will be discussed over the next three weeks and then evaluated. “We hope that this plan will bring the situation back to normal,” he said. Touma pointed out that Syria, Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon established this project in 2000, and had signed a memorandum of understanding and completed the project’s infrastructure since 2005. After this, the agreements were finalized and the project started supplying gas, but then stopped due to certain circumstances.

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Touma pointed out that terrorists had sabotaged the infrastructure related to oil, gas, and electricity in Syria. The infrastructure was maintained at the time but needs to be “rehabilitated.” Touma said: “This is what was agreed; the technical team checked the infrastructure’s integration with other Arab teams so that the transport of gas is a fait accompli.”

Jordanian Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Hala Zawati explained that the infrastructure is almost ready to transport Egyptian gas to Lebanon, but some things need to be repaired. On the issue of exporting Jordanian electricity to Lebanon, Zawati said: “Another meeting will be held soon to develop an action plan with Lebanon and Syria to prepare agreements and review the infrastructure that has been damaged in the past.” She added: “We need time to have the infrastructure ready.”

The four ministers stressed that each country will bear the cost of repairing the network within its territory. They noted that, within three weeks, all countries will be ready to review their agreements and evaluate the infrastructure.

Jordanian Prime Minister Bisher al-Khasawneh, while receiving oil and energy ministers from Syria, Egypt, and Lebanon, stressed the existence of many areas of cooperation between the four countries. This collaboration pursues the common interests of the nations and their people, Ammon News reported.


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