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UN Security Council to Hold Emergency Syria Talks

The session was called by Sweden and it plans to address the on-going ground and air offensive and the dire humanitarian situation writes Al-Araby al-Jadeed

Syrian Refugee Making His Mark on Swedish Sports

After staging a 45 km run to draw attention to refugee issues, long-distance runner Ahmad Jassem may have the chance to compete for the 2018 Olympic qualifiers

Assad: US and its Western Allies Are to Blame for Failure of Latest Ceasefire

Bashar al-Assad told Serbian newspaper Politika the US’ “secret collaboration with terrorists is the reason why all attempts at a ceasefire and political transition in Syria have so far failed.” Following is the full text of the interview as published by SANA, the official news agency.

Syrian Refugees Return to School Desks For Full Integration

Older refugees face major learning issues with new languages in the countries they reside in, but people are unfair to judge them for laziness and a lack of motivation, says linguistics expert

Opinion: Betting on the White House’s New Resident

American policies in the strategic sense are not governed by ethical rules or attractive political speech, but by what are called strategic interests, American national security and the tendency toward hegemonism

Syria: No Word on Four Abducted Activists

The Syrian Observer publishes the statement that was signed by 57 Syrian and international rights groups as translated and published by the VDC

Palestinians in Syria… Where to Flee?

The case of Palestinians differs from all other cases, because the Palestinians lost their native country, Palestine