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Syria’s Strategic Balance at a Tipping Point

The fall of the Syrian town of Qusair to Assad’s forces shows that the regime is poised to secure its position for the long term. The opposition must address its serious shortcomings

Moderate opposition leader Says High Hopes for Geneva Conference

The National Coordination Commission for Democratic Change (NCC), Hassan Abdulazim said Monday the group will propose new ideas and to the regional and international participate in proposed international conference to solve the Syrian crisis.

Syria dying with no winners, no help in sight

Five million Syrians have become below the line of poverty, in addition to two million unemployed and 800,000 destructed houses, Syria’s Former Deputy PM Abdullah al Dardari has said.

Syrian Opposition Opens New Embassy in Doha

The Syrian opposition has opened its first embassy just one day after they took Syria’s seat at the Arab League, replacing the Bashar Al-Assad regime, and Damascus reacted angrily to the promotion of the Syrian rebels by the Arab League