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Tartous Farmers Struggle to Access Diesel

The head of the Tartous Farmers Union revealed to Athr Press that discussions have taken place about the distribution of agricultural diesel.

Gas stations in Tartous are currently experiencing prolonged queues as farmers seek to obtain automated agricultural diesel. Frustrated by the lengthy wait times at gas stations to secure their allocations, farmers are calling for a more efficient method, such as receiving their allowances via text message. The current situation often leaves farmers empty-handed even after hours of waiting, forcing them to repeat the process the next day, thereby exacerbating their hardships and increasing transportation costs.

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Fouad Alloush, the head of the Tartous Farmers Union, revealed to Athr Press that discussions have taken place regarding the current challenges in distributing automated agricultural diesel. Emergency solutions are being explored to streamline the delivery process to farmers. Alloush emphasized the need for proposals that will be presented to the Hydrocarbons Committee for approval.

Among the proposed solutions is the submission of lists containing the names of entitled farmers through the heads of agricultural associations to the Hydrocarbons Committee. This approach aims to facilitate the distribution of the material directly to farmers within villages using mobile tankers. Alloush highlighted that this method would alleviate congestion at gas stations, make the material more accessible to farmers, and reduce transportation costs, ultimately eliminating the inconvenience of waiting in long lines.

Alloush specified that the allocated amount of automated agricultural diesel per dunum is 144 litres for the watering season throughout the year and 48 litres for greenhouses. This allocation is distributed to farms in three batches annually, providing a more organized and predictable system for farmers.


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