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Syria’s Regime Detains Young Men Under Pretext of Curfew 

The regime has arrested 14 men from eastern Ghouta, who they claim have broken the rules related to the curfew that was imposed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus writes Sowt Al-Asima.
Syria’s Regime Detains Young Men Under Pretext of Curfew 

Assad regime forces launched a new campaign of arrests that targeted 14 young men in the town of Nashabiyah, eastern Damascus, in conjunction with a curfew that’s imposed all over Syria to stem the spread of the coronavirus.

The military security branch of the regime forces deployed six temporary checkpoints supported by 10 personnel in the vicinity of al-Nashabiyah, eastern Ghouta, on the road leading to the town of al-Balalia.

The arrest campaign came after the issuance of a new list of names of dozens of individuals wanted by the regime from the town over security issues. The regime made the arrests on the pretext of breaching curfew measures imposed on Friday and Saturday after 12 p.m.

Ever since Assad forces took control over it in early 2018, eastern Ghouta has been absent from the Syrian events scene. Little was known regarding the situation of citizens there who refused to leave to northern Syria.

Russia announced several times that they had conducted military patrols in Ghouta, especially in the city of Douma.

Meanwhile, Assad’s forces deployed security checkpoints in most cities and towns, with each falling under different security branches, among them the Military Security, Air Force Intelligence, and the Political Security.

The regime’s arrest campaign continues despite international and UN calls for the need to release all detainees to curb the spread of the coronavirus.


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