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Syrian Army, Hezbollah Seize Rebel-Held Zabadani

Opposition fighters crumble as Syrian and Lebanese forces advance on rebel positions throughout the country
Syrian Army, Hezbollah Seize Rebel-Held Zabadani

Syrian armed forces continued to tighten the noose around rebel groups across the country on Sunday, launching wide-scale military operations against positions in a number of provinces.

Army units backed by Lebanese Hezbollah fighters established full control over the neighborhoods of al-Jamiyat and al-Sultaneh in Zabadani city, Damascus, a military source told Syria’s state news agency SANA.

Local sources in Zabadani said 11 foreign fighters were amongst those killed by army units, while others claimed dozens of improvised gas cylinder bombs were detonated throughout the city‫.

Syrian air forces also destroyed an armored vehicle and a machinegun-equipped pickup car belonging to rebels in Zabadani‫.

Meanwhile, army units killed a number of rebel fighters in Joubar and Ein Tarma in Eastern Ghouta, in addition to destroying a workshop for manufacturing rocket shells‫.

Army units also conducted operations against rebel positions in the province of Daraa, advancing on schools in the northern areas of al-Nazihin Camp, al-Nakhla farms and to the west of Yarmouk, Daraa‫.

A number of opposition fighters were reportedly killed and others injured in the offensive, while a rebel vehicle carrying arms and ammunition was also destroyed‫.

Meanwhile, Syrian armed forces killed scores of fighters near the police station of Yadoda in the province’s northwest‫.

A number of rebels were killed and their weapons and ammunition destroyed after intensive fighting rocked al-Gariyeh al-Garbiyeh in the northeast countryside of the province‫.

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