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Surprise Attack Kills 20 Regime Fighters in Eastern Ghouta

Regime forces face heavy losses in Army of Islam surprise attack in Tal al-Kurdi
Surprise Attack Kills 20 Regime Fighters in Eastern Ghouta

Field sources have confirmed the Army of Islam launched a surprise attack on Tal al-Kurdi, eastern Ghouta, where more than 20 regime fighters were killed.


The attack succeeded in eliminating groups of regime fighters, with the Army of Islam acquiring a number of light and medium weapons, in addition to a variety of "guns, ammunition and mortars".


The attackers later withdrew from the area, allowing for the regime to supply reinforcements and reoccupy hit locations. The Army of Islam then bombed the locations with mortar shells, killing and injuring several other regime fighters.


Regime forces have attempted to avenge its losses by launching a violent attack on al-Wafideen Camp in Douma. The regime continued its assault by heavily bombing the city, leaving dozens of civilians dead and wounded.


The Army of Islam has thwarted all attempts to storm the city of Douma.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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