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Sedition Between Druze and Sunni Fighters

Three kidnapped Druze rebels starts a strife among rebels in southern Syria
Sedition Between Druze and Sunni Fighters

Three rebels from As-Sweida (two from the Sultan Pasha al-Atrash Battalion of the Military Council in As-Sweida) have been kidnapped by the Sharia Commission in Deraa. The commission broadcast [the rebels’] confessions of being employed bythe [regime’s] security forces and of planning to assassinate the leaders of al-Nusra Front and the Free Syrian Army in Deraa.


The news was denied by the Sultan Pasha al-Atrash Battalion in Horan, the Battalion of Bani Maarouf operating in East Ghouta, and the Military Council in As-Sweida (all three groups consist of Syrian Druze fighters). They confirmed to All4syria that the confessions were coerced under torture, and that they are part of a plan of sedition among the fighters of As-Sweida and the fighters of Deraa. They added that the kidnapped Khaled Rizk, Raef Nasr, Bassem Nawfal Tarrad are all known for their honesty and high morals. Moreover, Khaled Rizk is one of the founders of the Bani Maarouf Battalion operating in East Ghouta and that he was among the fighters in the Um al-Muminin Battalion; his honesty and high morals are well-known by the brigade commander and its rebel fighters.


The battalion commander Hussam Deeb compared the style of the Sharia Commission, in its extraction and broadcasting of confessions, to what the ad-Dounia channel and Syrian intelligence do. Deeb called for Major-general Salim Idris to intervene to stop the sedition and asked for the immediate unconditional release of those kidnapped. Deeb also called for the disclosure of the kidnappers’ identities and for bringing them totrial before the honest free people of Deraa, people of dignity, "to make our revolution as it began, a revolution against injustice and not for spreading injustice under any claim."


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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