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Regime Raids Jobar, Allied Forces Strike ISIS in Hassakeh

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reports at least 20 regime air strikes on Jobar and several on Douma on anniversary of Syrian revolution
Regime Raids Jobar, Allied Forces Strike ISIS in Hassakeh

On the fourth anniversary of the Syrian revolution, regime aircrafts launched at least 20 raids on the neighborhood of Jobar, east Damascus, yesterday. The international alliance, led by the United States, also carried out air strikes against Islamic State positions in Hassakeh following calls by the Kurdish People Protection Units for Western intervention to halt a major ISIS offensive in the far north-east of Syria.

In the province of Damascus, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported, "since yesterday morning, regime forces carried out at least 20 air raids on areas in the neighborhood of Jobar, which has witnessed several months of violent clashes between regime forces – supported by the National Defense militias and Lebanese Hezbollah guerrillas on one hand, and the Islamic battalions and Nusra Front fighters on the other – in an attempt to control the neighborhood".

As for the countryside of Damascus, the Observatory reported that "at least six citizens – including a man, his wife and three of his daughters – were killed when regime warplanes carried out several raids on Douma, with the number of martyrs likely to rise as some of the wounded are in critical condition. In the meantime, regime helicopters dropped explosive barrels on the city of Daraya, near Damascus".

In Hassakeh province, northeast Syria, the Observatory reported "clashes between the Kurdish People Protection Units, the Syriac Military Council and al-Khabur Guards against the Islamic State continued in the village of Tal Maghas and other areas surroundings the town of Tel Tamer and its countryside. Kurdish Units are advancing in the region with confirmation the units have taken control of Tal Maghas village – close to the strategic village of ar-Rukba.

"Aircrafts of the Arab-International alliance carried out several strikes against ISIS locations in the village of Gabash, near the town of Tel Tamer on the road to Aleppo, with renewed clashes in the countryside of Tel Brak saw Kurdish units, supported by as-Sanadeed Army of the governor of al-Jazeera Canton, Hamidi Daham al-Hadi, fighting against the Islamic State", the Observatory said.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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