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Regime Loses 52 Soldiers in Hama Countryside

Month of March sees the killing of 52 pro-regime fighters in Hama countryside
Regime Loses 52 Soldiers in Hama Countryside

Pro-regime sources claim seven regime troops, including four officers, were killed on Wednesday evening when their car was targeted with "an explosive device" in the Turkmen mountains of Lattakia’s countryside.

Field sources said the blast killed Col. Samer Khalil and six of his soldiers during a reconnaissance mission in the al-Marsad 45 surroundings.

In March, 52 regime soldiers were killed in the countryside of Hama in an attack launched by ISIS targeting regime locations in the Sheikh Helal area in the northeast of as-Salamiyah.

Pro-regime media activists have published the names of dozens of dead and wounded fighters, including volunteer militants in the National Defense militias, which fights alongside regime forces.

ISIS recently blew up several military checkpoints surrounding the villages of Sheikh Helal and As-Saan, killing several regime soldiers, while the wounded were moved to the regime-held as-Salamiyah city.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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