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Regime Arrests Journalist for Supporting Suweida Movement

Mahmoud Ibrahim revealed that he faces multiple allegations, including "supporting armed disobedience".
Regime Arrests Journalist for Supporting Suweida Movement

Mahmoud Ibrahim, a journalist employed in the state-run media, penned a post on his personal social media page on Sunday, February 25, just hours before he was apprehended by the Assad regime on charges of “violating the republic’s constitution and undermining the prestige of the Syrian state.”

In his statement, Ibrahim revealed that he faces multiple allegations, including “supporting armed disobedience,” citing a security dossier purportedly authored by a journalist from Tartous linked to Assad’s intelligence. This dossier allegedly incriminates him for his advocacy of the peaceful movement in the Suweida governorate.

He disclosed that he is scheduled for a judicial hearing on Sunday and recounted being summoned for questioning at the Criminal Security Branch in Tartous several days before the end of last year. During these interrogations, decisions were made to terminate his employment at Al-Wahda newspaper, prohibit his future employment, and initiate legal action against him.

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Ibrahim criticized these decisions as “unjust,” affirming his support for the Suweida movement due to its peaceful nature. He also accused the regime of propagating falsehoods about the Syrian revolution, such as labelling it extremist and violent, and claimed that such narratives were disseminated in various publications.

Kinan Waqaf, a journalist formerly aligned with the Syrian regime who recently defected from regime-controlled areas, commented on the arrest of his colleague and neighbour Ibrahim. He derided the accusation of undermining the state’s prestige, characterizing it as ludicrous given the ongoing destruction and loss of dignity inflicted by the regime.

Despite years of loyalty and promotion of the regime’s agenda, many media professionals find themselves targeted, detained, and stripped of their credentials. It appears that their previous support and dissemination of misinformation in favour of the regime did not guarantee them immunity from repercussions.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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