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Rebels Seize Control Over Half of Busra al-Sham

FSA offensive assumes control of large swathes of Busra al-Sham after cutting off regime supply rout
Rebels Seize Control Over Half of Busra al-Sham

Free Syrian Army (FSA) factions continue their advance in Busra al-Sham in the eastern countryside of Daraa. Local sources confirmed to al-Souriah Net the FSA now controls more than 50 percent of the city, which has witnessed violent confrontations.

According to media activist Ali al-Hassan, the opposition seized a number of regime buildings and military checkpoints in the city of Busra al-Sham, 40 km east of Daraa city, which the regime and the opposition forces share. This comes hours after the opposition fighters managed to cut off the supply route of regime troops stationed in the city.

The gain comes in the wake of a military offensive launched by Free Army factions two days ago against regime locations for control of the city, Hassan said.

A media activist in Daraa, Ibrahim al-Hariri, has also confirmed "opposition forces cut off the regime's only supply route that extends between Suweida and Busra al-Sham".

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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