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Rebels Advance in Hama

The Great Battle of Badr al-Sham continues its victories in the face of attempts by Assad forces to recapture positions lost in the liberated areas
Rebels Advance in Hama

Rapid developments are taking place on the Hama fronts, in the north-west of the country, with armed opposition factions making rapid advances to control several strategic positions, causing casualties and capturing many military vehicles.


In a meeting with All4syria,  member in the Islamic Front's media office, Jihad al-Shami, said that the battle named 'Ghazwat Badr al-Sham al-Kubra' (The Great Battle of Badr al-Sham) continues its victories despite attempts by Assad forces to recapture positions lost in the liberated areas.


On Wednesday, Assad's militias tried to advance towards the Sharaya hill. The result was the death of 15 militias and the retreat of their groups under heavy opposition fire. An ammunition warehouse inside Hama Military Airport was also struck by Grad missiles.


As for the armed opposition forces operations, Shami said: "Regarding the battles taking place in the outskirts of Qamhana, the opposition took control over al-Madajen barrier, which is located in the west of the town, after the clashes which resulted in the death and injury of many Shabbiha, while the opposition forces captured two regime soldiers in the liberated area of Arza."


Opposition artillery shells also hit Assad positions in the Faculty of Veterinary in the town of Shiha town, destroying a 57 batteries and a tank.


The Islamic Front, Ajnad al-Sham, Jund al-Aqsa and many other factions are participating in the battle which aimed at destroying regime military points surrounding the city of Hama.


After several hours of fierce battle, the rebels were able to control Rahbat al-Khattab and control its warehouses, which were full of ammunition.


The opposition also destroyed many military vehicles, including three tanks, in the attack. The battles to control al-Khattab led to the liberation of four checkpoints surrounding the town.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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