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Pyongyang: People of Syria and North Korea Face a Common Enemy

Ambassador claims Syria and North Korea face a common enemy which seeks to undermine the independence of the two nations
Pyongyang: People of Syria and North Korea Face a Common Enemy

North Korea’s ambassador to Syria, Jang Myong Ho, reiterated his country’s eagerness to enhance relations with Syria, expressing confidence that Syria will be victorious in the war against terrorism.

“The people of Syria and DPRK (North Korea) are facing a common enemy which is seeking to undermine the independence of their two countries”, ambassador Jang said.

During a visit to the headquarters of the Arab Socialist Baath Party in Lattakia on Sunday, Jang stressed the stability of Syria’s economic and service sectors – along with the resumption of normal life in the provinces – reflects the vitality and resilience of the Syrian people in the face of the global war against it.

Regional Baath Party leadership member Fairouz Moussa said that relations between the two countries are witnessing a rapid development.

She affirmed that higher education in Syria has achieved qualitative leaps as two new universities have been established in Tartous and Hama, indicating that institutions are continuing their work in spite of the crisis.

Lattakia’s Governor Ibrahim Khudir al-Salem stressed the Syrian people’s determination to continue their normal life as institutions continue their work by undertaking various projects in all walks of life.

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