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Protests Return to Suweida; Demonstrators Call for General Strike in Syria

Dozens of protesters gathered in al-Sir Square in the center of the city of Suweida on Sunday, according to Syria TV.
Protests Return to Suweida; Demonstrators Call for General Strike in Syria

The protests returned to the governorate of Suweida, on Sunday, after a week of similar popular protests, in which hundreds of people demonstrated in protest against the poor living conditions. Demonstrators stormed buildings of the governorate and raised political slogans demanding the fall of the Syrian regime.

The “Suwayda 24” page published a video showing the gathering of dozens of protesters in al-Sir Square in the center of the city of Suweida on Sunday. They are demonstrating to denounce the deterioration of living conditions and the failure of the regime government to provide services.

The demonstrators called on the people in the Syrian governorates to a general strike and civil disobedience, including all government and private sectors and the sit-in until the rights of the people are met, chanting phrases such as: “One, one, one, Syrian people are one.”

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Last Sunday morning, Suweida governorate witnessed angry popular protests against the Syrian regime as a result of the poor living situation and “governmental” neglect. After this, events developed into the storming of the governorate building by demonstrators, where they tore pictures of Bashar al-Assad and demanded his overthrow.

Threats and insults

In this context, activists leaked on social networking sites, a few days ago, a video clip showing the governor of Suweida of the Syrian regime, Bassam Barsik, cursing God and threatening a delegation of notables of the city to suppress any popular escalation in protest against the deteriorating living conditions.

The recording, published by Suwayda 24 on Friday, was taken weeks before the recent protests, during a meeting of a delegation of Suweida notables with Barsik inside his office in the governorate building.

The delegation was carrying several demands related to living and service conditions, but after Barsik’s intransigence to implement the simplest demands, one of the notables warned of the descent of local factions if there was no response to the demands. Therefore, the governor only,” according to the video.


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