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New Video Shows Bus Bomb Victims Hours Before Attack

Clip shows young men practicing Shiite rituals at the Umayyad Mosque prior to losing their lives
New Video Shows Bus Bomb Victims Hours Before Attack

Families of victims of a recent bus bombing in Damascus have released a video clip shot hours before the bombing took place. The bombing, which killed seven young men and was claimed by the Nusra Front, targeted a bus traveling in the center of the capital, Damascus.


The clip shows the young men practicing Shiite rituals in the as-Sayida Ruqaiya shrine, Umayyad Mosque. All the dead were participants in the "Hussein Lovers" campaign, which organizes weekly visits to Syria.


The bombing resulted in the deaths of Ali Abbas Ballouq, Mohammed Ahmed al-Miqdad, Mehdi Yusuf al-Miqdad, Kassem Hatoum, Shadi Humani, and Mohammed Hassan Ayoub.


The Nusra Front claimed responsibility for the bombing in an official statement, saying that "an al-Nusra member succeeded in getting on a bus carrying a large number of Shiites from the southern suburbs of Beirut".


According to the statement: "the member succeeded in detonating his explosive belt amid the crowd. The operation was to avenge the Sunnis of Syria and Lebanon".


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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