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Mouaz Khatib's Defense of Alloush Draws Condemnation

Khatib appeared to defended the kidnappers of Razan Zeitouneh and her companions
Mouaz Khatib's Defense of Alloush Draws Condemnation

Syrian dissident writer Yassin Haj Saleh has denounced the speech of sheikh Mouaz al-Khatib regarding the Islamic Front commander, Zahran Alloush, saying it was an insult to him and his family, whose members were kidnapped by Alloush.


The Syrian dissident, Rima Fleihan, also expressed her disappointment because Khatib defended the kidnappers of Razan Zeitouneh and her companions.


Khatib had posted on his Facebook page: "I see a campaign launched against Zahran Alloush after his speech in Ghouta, the land of martyrs. Zahran Alloush bears the burden of a nation, just like Osama bin Laden and Marwan Hadid, who also bore the burden of the nations".


Haj Saleh replied on his own Facebook page that "Mouaz al-Khatib does not only praise Zahran Alloush, but he denounces those who believe that Alloush has abducted the four unarmed activists (two women and two men) wanted by the criminal regime of Assad, as they were working publicly among the people of Douma".


He said that Khatib had ignored the fact they had revealed more than once strong evidence prove that the Islamic Front was responsible for the kidnapping of his wife, Samira Khalil, Razan Zeitouneh, Wael Hamadeh and the lawyer Nazim Hammadi.


Fleihan asked Khatib to ask about the public warning stated by Zahran's group before the abduction, saying:  "Can Zahran deny this?".


Fleihan also published a cynical letter by the writer Fawaz Khieu, where he addressed his wife and his son who are detained by the Islamic Front.


"I hope sheikh Mouaz al-Khatib, whom I respect, will read this letter and ask Alloush about Helena Nasr and her son, who were kidnapped by the Front from Adra al-Ummaliyah neighborhood," Fleihan said.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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