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Missiles Bombard Damascus' Ghouta

Bombings come amid negotiations between regime and opposition representatives to reach a definitive ceasefire agreement
Missiles Bombard Damascus' Ghouta

Syrian regime forces have used surface-to-surface missiles on the third day of a bombing campaign targeting eastern Ghouta, while regime air forces raided al-Waar neighborhood in Homs during negotiations to reach a ceasefire agreement. Clashes continued in Aleppo, north of the country.


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claimed regime's warplanes launched four raids yesterday on areas in Jobar neighborhood east of Damascus, after opposition fighters repelled the regime's attack on the neighborhood. The Observatory pointed to "renewed clashes between the Islamic fighters and al-Nusra Front on the one hand, and the forces of the regime supported by the troops of the National Defense and Lebanese Hezbollah on the other".


Regime forces bombed "areas in Yarmouk Refugees Camp south of the capital, where hundreds of families gathered to recieve food, in a camp besieged by regime troops for nearly two years".


"Rockets fell on areas in the Old City of Damascus, the Abbasids and Abu Rummaneh neighborhoods, which led to the injury of at least eight citizens", according to the Observatory.


"In Damascus countryside", the Observatory said, "warplanes have launched two air raids on the city of Douma, killing more than 100 civilians, while three fighters from the Islamic Brigades were killed in the clashes with pro-regime forces in eastern Ghouta. A man from the town of Zamalka died as a result of regime bombing, which targeted areas in the city earlier", the Observatory added.


In the center of the country, "two explosive barrels fell on al-Waer neighborhood, which led to the injury of several persons and the death of one person”, according to the Observatory, which also citing "clashes between pro-regime forces on the one hand, and the Islamic brigades on the other, near the village of al-Amiriyah in the northern countryside of Homs".


The bombing of al-Waer neighborhood comes during the negotiations between regime and opposition representatives to reach a definitive agreement for a temporary ceasefire applied in the middle of last month.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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