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Idleb: 15 Syrian Regime Fighters Killed by Anti-armor Missile

The HTS killed at least 15 regime members in the southwestern countryside of Idleb, according to al-Modon.
Idleb: 15 Syrian Regime Fighters Killed by Anti-armor Missile

On Tuesday, at least 15 regime members were killed and others were wounded in a rocket-propelled missile, which targeted the al-Malaga front in the southwestern countryside of Idleb.

The official Amjad al-Diraa media organization announced to the Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) that the operations room of the al-Fath al-Mubeen targeted a military installation of the Syrian regime at the village of Malaga in the southern countryside of Idleb. The soldiers stationed in the village were killed or wounded.

The targeting responded to the killing of six members of the Jaysh al-Nasr of the National Liberation Front, the second-largest component of Fath. It followed the targeting of their SUV during a guard change with a heat-seeking missile fired by regime forces, in the village of al-Qahira. This is one of the front lines separating their forces from the regime army, in the area of al-Ghab Plain, in rural Hama in the country’s northwest.

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Amjad said that HTS’ mortar division targeted groupings of regime forces and Iranian militia at the intersection of the Urm al-Soghra village and Regiment 46, in the western Aleppo countryside.

In contrast, the regime used artillery and rockets to target the villages of al-Fatirah, al-Bara, Benin and Fleifel, in Jabal al-Zawiya, in the southern countryside of Idleb. Meanwhile, clashes took place between opposition factions and the regime’s army with heavy and medium-grade weapons on the al-Fateera axis, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The use of guided missiles is the second incident within a week by military factions against regime positions. HTS, which participates in the Fath operations room displayed on Friday, aired a video showing the targeting and burning of a regime tank in the southern Idleb countryside.

The Fatah operations room comprises a group of factions on the front with the Syrian regime in the countryside of Idleb, Hama, and Lattakia. The most prominent groups are HTS, the National Liberation Front, and Jaysh al-Izza. The areas covered by Fatah are described as under HTS’ control. HTS prohibits any of these factions from joining another operating room.


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