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Hunger Kills At Least 61 in Yarmouk Camp

The camp is under a tight siege that has lasted over 200 days
Hunger Kills At Least 61 in Yarmouk Camp

At least 63 people have died of hunger and lack of medical supplies inside the besieged Yarmouk Camp, south of Damascus, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.


"The number of people that have died due to the deterioration in living and health conditions and the shortage of food and medicines in Yarmouk Camp has risen to 63," the Observatory said.


The region is under a 200-day siege enforced by regime's troops and the members of the People's Front- the General Leadership, an organization led by Ahmad Jibril.


The Observatory clarified that 61 people have died in the camp during the last three months due to the deterioration in life conditions and the extreme rise in the prices of basic food materials.


"There is no possibility for living. The siege is tight. There is no work, no money, no medicine and no bread. Even if they were available, the prices are unbearable", a report from the Observatory said.


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