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How Detainees Die in Syria

The documents show inconsistencies between the date of death and delivery of the body
How Detainees Die in Syria

Army documents have revealed the way in which detainees' corpses are delivered to their families and how their deaths are reported to their relatives.


The documents, which have been sighted by Zaman al-Wasl, are issued by Syrian army leadership.


In one case, the documents conceal some information about the identity of a deceased detainee, such as the person's name or the number given to his corpse. However, inconsistent details are recorded when comparing the date of delivery of the corpse, months after the date of detainee's death.


The documents also reveals the location of the detainee (in this case security branch No 227).


The documents are signed by the head of the investigative bureau as well as the head of military police in Damascus and includes an order to give the relatives of the dead detainee a death certificate in order to bury him.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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