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Explosion Rocks Qamishli

Residents report tension in the city amid PYD raids and abductions
Explosion Rocks Qamishli

An explosion shook Qamishli and killed a child on Monday, also leading to the injury of eight people.


One man riding a motorcycle near the site needed his leg amputated.


Qamishli residents told All4Syria that the situation in the city is strained but that life is going on in a “semi-normal” state. They noted that there are still raids and abductions by PYD militants in Amouda and Qamishli.


The latest statement from the PYD shocked even its supporters because it didn’t apologize for the deaths of martyrs after they opened fires on demonstrators in Amouda last week. There was also no mention of  trial for those responsible for the shooting deaths, but instead, attempts to justify the incident and attacks on residents and journalists in Qamishli.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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