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Damascus Countryside  Mourns the Death of Sons From Settlement Groups

Families from the Damascus have mourned the loss of their sons who were sent to the front lines after signing settlements with the regime reports Sowt al-Asima.
Damascus Countryside  Mourns the Death of Sons From Settlement Groups

The people of Mkeilbiyeh town in the Damascus countryside on Friday mourned a member of the settlement groups, who was killed during the fighting on the Aleppo western countryside fronts as part of the regime ranks.

Mamoun al-Okla joined the Fourth Division after undergoing a settlement, as part of the agreement to displace rebel groups and those who rejected the settlement in early 2017.

The people of Sa`asa city in the western Damascus countryside also mourned a soldier in the regime’s army, Bilal Ghunaim, who was from the city and was killed on the fronts in the southern Idleb countryside.

The people of al-Tal city in the Damascus countryside on Thursday, mourned two losses, weeks after they joined the Fourth Division, which sent them to fight on the fronts in northern Syria. The family of Ibrahim Qasim mourned him, while the family of Issa al-Bunni were informed of his death without delivery of the body.

The Sowt al-Asima website has documented the killing of more than 200 volunteer members from the settlements, fighting with the militias loyal to the regime, from the eastern and western countryside of Damascus, on the battlefields which have been burning in northern Syria since the beginning of 2019.


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