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Bloody Morning in Idleb Province

Regime warplanes target civilians in a number of towns in Idleb province, resulting in 11 deaths
Bloody Morning in Idleb Province

Regime helicopters dropped explosive barrels on residential neighborhoods of Taftanaz on Wednesday, resulting to the death of a number of civilians.

According to the Idleb Media Center, regime helicopters dropped two explosive barrels on the city center, leading to the death of nine civilians, including a mother and her four children.

Civil Defense teams are still looking for victims under the rubble, as the bombing left enormous destruction in its wake.

Two children were also killed and a number of civilians injured when regime warplanes targeted the city of Sarmin with missiles. The two children killed were brothers: Saleh Musaab Chalabi and Ibrahim Musaab Chalabi.

Regime air stikes also targeted the city of Idleb three times, leaving behind a number of casualties and destroying residential buildings. Warplanes also targeted the city of Maarrat Misreen, the liberated airport in Taftanaz, the town of Bara in Mount az-Zawiyah, the mosque of al-Sahan village, and Jadraia village in al-Ghab plain, with significant damage to property.

Regime helicopters also launched several raids on different areas of Idleb and its countryside, where the town of Taum was targeted with two explosive barrels, in addition to the town of Ableen and the city of Khan Shaykhun. No injuries were reported.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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