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Assassination Fever Returns to Duma

The brigades have not accused any party of responsibility
Assassination Fever Returns to Duma

The leader of Duma Martyrs Brigade, Ahmad Taha, survived an assassination attempt Monday night while he was leaving a meeting in the city. The attempt caused minimal injuries to his face.


Meanwhile on Monday morning, one of the prominent leaders of the Islamic Union of the Al-Sham Soldiers, Abu Yasser al-Qaderi, survived an assassination attempt after explosives were placed under his car.


The Duma Martyrs Brigade issued a statement in which it declared the failure of the assassination attempt targeting its leader, explaining that the attempt took place on Sunday at 11.30pm when a group of "traitors and enemies of the revolution" shot directly towards the leader of the Brigade but missed.


The brigade promised to respond strongly and fight anyone wants to mute the "free voice".


The brigade didn’t accuse any party, with the statement saying: "If your attempt targets to end the revolution in the eastern Ghouta by assassinating its leaders, then you are dreaming".


The Islamic Union of Al-Sham Soldiers didn’t issue any statement explaining the details of the assassination attempt targeting its leader.


It is worthy to mention that Abu Yasser al-Qaderi is the father of Abu Muhammad al-Fateh, the general commander of the Union which is one of the major factions in eastern Ghouta.


Accusations about the parties responsible for these attempts vary according to the military faction. The Brigade of Duma Martyrs didn’t accuse any party in its official statement, but many people accused the regime of being responsible of the previous and current attempts.


A military source said there are cells working for the regime in the Ghouta, and these cells carry out the assassinations.


"There is a battalion working in Ghouta under the name of the Free Army. The leader of this battalion is well-known and there are doubts about its relation with the regime. The leader is one of the officers defected from regime's army since the outbreak of the revolution and he was the founder of the first faction that held arms in eastern Ghouta, the Abu Obaida al-Jarrah battalion," the source said.


Others accused some major factions of carrying out these attempts, justifying their opinions by asking why the assassinations target the leaders and supporters of Duma Martyrs alone. Some summarize the situation by saying that the attempts are an internal matter, without giving further details.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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