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Assassination Attempt Against Ali Haidar

Haidar was travelling between Damascus and Homs
Assassination Attempt Against Ali Haidar

The Minister of National Reconciliation Ali Haider, was the subject of an assassination attempt on Sunday, while he was travelling on the road between Damascus and Homs.


In a statement to Baladna, Haidar said his car had come under sniper fire in the area of Tahwila, near Homs. Shots targeted the back seat, he said, where the minister ususally sits, resulting in damage to the car but without harming anybody.


Regarding who is behind the assassination attempt, Haidar refused to point to a specific party, but said he believes any honest Syrian who tries to address any of the national issues may harm some party, and that there are those who have no interest in this, thus trying to disable these attempts one way or another.


The Ministry of National Reconciliation, which was founded more than a year ago, deals with many sensitive files related to the national issues of the detainees, the kidnapped and the displaced people, among other things.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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