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Assad Air Force Commits Massacre in Aleppo

About 90 civilians, including women and children were killed in airstrikes
Assad Air Force Commits Massacre in Aleppo

Regime warplanes dropped explosive barrels on a string of neighborhoods in Aleppo on Tuesday, leading to the death of about 90 civilians, including women and children.


The explosives were dropped on al-Haidariya, Hamra, Tareeq al-Bab, Sakhour, Kadi Askar and the industrial city of Sheikh Najjar, also injuring many and causing extensive damage to a number of buildings and cars in the areas, according to opposition activists.


The number of the martyrs in the neighborhoods of Al-Haidariya and Muyassar reached 16 civilians, with many others wounded. The strike came after a snowstorm that had prompted a pause in air strikes on other cities and provinces in Syria.


Meanwhile, the Free Syrian Army (FSA) on Tuesday managed to confront the regime air forces with their own air defenses in the city of Adral Ummalieh, in Damascus countryside.


Regime forces also targeted the city of Dumayr with land-missiles, which led to the deaths of a number of civilians and wounding of many others. Regime forces also targeted Duma and Yabroud with heavy missiles, resulting in the death of a woman and her child, the wounding of dozens and the destruction of a number of buildings.


Regime artillery also pounded the neighborhoods of Daraa al-Balad and Hrak, in the south of the country, amid clashes between the FSA and regime forces there. The city of Ezraa in the countryside of Deraa is under siege, with the eastern entrances to the city closed for the fourth day after the FSA took control of arms and transportation facilities.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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