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Army Continues Operations Against Nusra in Jobar, Strengthens Defense in Hama

State-run media claims over 157 militants killed in anti-terrorism operations in the countryside of the capital, while government forces reportedly push back on opposition offensive in the northern countryside of Hama
Army Continues Operations Against Nusra in Jobar, Strengthens Defense in Hama

Hundreds of Nusra Front terrorists and their affiliates were killed or wounded as a result of the Syrian army’s successive strikes in the Jobar neighborhood on the eastern outskirts of Damascus, a military source said Thursday.

Earlier, a SANA reporter in Damascus said army units carried out military operations on Nusra Front and other affiliated terrorist groups north of Jobar and in the Eastern Ghouta.

The Syrian army inflicted heavy losses on terrorist forces, including over 157 casualties, after militants infiltrated the surroundings of the textile factories north of Jobar on Tuesday. The army also successfully destroyed a number of tanks and machine-gun equipped vehicles.

The source added that the army shelled the terrorists’ supply routes coming from the Eastern Ghouta toward the north of Jobar.


Syrian army units and allied forces have consolidated a line of defense in the face of terrorist groups which had infiltrated some of the towns and military positions in the northern countryside of Hama, where fierce clashes are ongoing, the military source said.

Army units targeted terrorist positions in the area, killing a large number of terrorists and destroying tanks, as well as armored and machine-gun equipped vehicles.

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