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AANES Calls for Settlement with Syrian Government to Include all National & Democratic Forces

The AANES claims that settlement and reconciliation schemes with the Syrian government should include all National and Democratic Forces, according to North Press.
AANES Settlement Syrian Government
AANES Calls for Settlement with Syrian Government to Include all National & Democratic Forces

Settlement and reconciliation schemes that the Syrian government is talking about are supposed to target all national and democratic forces, the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) said yesterday.

All the Syrian national and democratic forces are still fragmented due to the regime’s mentality and obstinacy in accepting the dialogue and the Syrian national solution, the AANES said.

In a statement on January 11, the sheikhs and dignitaries of the tribes of the city of Raqqa, north Syria, rejected the settlements announced by the Syrian government.

Media websites close to the government published news about the start of the reconciliation process with the people of Raqqa in the city of Sabkha, 30 km southeast of Raqqa.

In response to the Syrian government’s policy of ignoring the Syrian reality and all the ongoing crises at all levels, the AANES posted the statement on its official Facebook page.

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“The government is following a new policy in form of the return to its lab under the slogan of Settlements or reconciliations, in an attempt to deceive the public opinion of the Syrians and the world,” the statement read.

Over a decade, Damascus has followed paths that deepened the crisis without reaching a solution, bearing a clear goal to stay in power at the expense of Syria, its people, and its future. So far all the government’s attempts have not met the Syrians’ ambitions, the statement indicated.

“The government seeks to legitimize its presence in the areas, which it failed to reassert its authority over, after failed attempts either by sowing strife among different communities of the region or by targeting the stability in our regions through recruited cells,” the statement further explained.

“Damascus’ strategy in targeting the Arab majority areas, such as Deir-ez-Zor and Raqqa, through settlements is only an attempt to deceive and exploit some individual cases to promote propaganda.”

“The propaganda and promotional news by the Damascus government aims at destabilizing the region, and these settlements are launched only to achieve baseless media goals towards solving the dilemma deeply rooted in Syria,” the statement concluded.


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