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Unusual Winter in Syria

The president of the Syrian Astronomical Association said that Syria is on track for a late winter, which will bring heavy rains on occasion, according to Syria TV.
Unusual Winter in Syria
Unusual Winter in Syria

Mohammed al-Asiri, president of the Syrian Astronomical Association, said that Syria is on track for a late winter, which will bring heavy rains on occasion, as well as very cold days.

Asiri told the Sham FM radio station that the snow “will be concentrated in the country’s fringes, and will not fall in the interior of Syria this winter.” He also expects an early summer.

“There will be days when heavy rains will result in some flooding, but we do not expect to see serious floods; serious floods are expected, however, in neighboring countries like Iraq,” Asiri said.

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“We will see rainfall pattern shifts in the desert, which will become forests over time,” he said.

In his statement, Asiri said his claims are “not a prediction”, but are based on “studying the atmosphere through satellites; Venus and the Sun; carbon dioxide ratios in the atmosphere; and results from scientific experiments”.

Winter is approaching amidst an ongoing fuel crisis, which continues to cast a shadow over communities living in areas controlled by the al-Assad regime. In those areas, families are subject to 200-liter rations for gasoline, which are spread out over four batches of 50 liters. Each day, households face over 20 hours of rationing cuts to electricity.


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