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Rebels Kill Shiite Militia Leader

Haidar Jebouri, dubbed “Abu Shahd” was known for his role in the massacre at Nabuk
Rebels Kill Shiite Militia Leader

Iraqi Shiite militias loyal to Bashar Assad have mourned top commander of Thu al-Faqqar militia who was killed in Syria recently.


Haidar Jebouri, dubbed “Abu Shahd”, was reportedly killed in Daraa province by Syrian rebels, activists of the embattled city of Daraa said.


Many people from Nabuk city in the Qalamoun region were massacred by Jebouri months ago, according to human rights advocates.


The Iraqi and Lebanese Shiite militant groups have sent its gunmen to fight alongside Assad's forces, providing a significant boost to the Assad's overstretched military.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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