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PM Urges Ministry to Secure Storage for Crops

Prime minister calls for storage facilities for strategic crops and curbing price increases
PM Urges Ministry to Secure Storage for Crops

Prime Minister Wael al-Halki called on the Agriculture Ministry to take steps to secure storage facilities for strategic crops with a new mechanism for the marketing of agricultural products.

Chairing a weekly Cabinet meeting on Tuesday, Halki called on the Internal Trade and Consumer Protection Ministry to take new and effective steps to curb price increases in the market, and to continue providing the market’s needs of essential goods.

He also asserted that the government is closely monitoring the country’s health sector to prevent epidemics, stressing the need for better health supervision for public facilities, markets, restaurants, schools, and water facilities.

Halki also underlined the need for periodic evaluation of industrial establishments in order to develop their performance, increase productivity, and isolate cases of squandering and unemployment.

The Cabinet also approved a draft resolution on allocating 50 percent of job vacancies in state establishments to families of martyrs, and discussed a bill on providing them with support.

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