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Government Compels Employees to Support Assad’s New Term

Activists say employees forces to sign petition under threat
Government Compels Employees to Support Assad’s New Term

The Syrian government plans to launch a petition to the international community saying “Yes for a new term for President Bashar Assad in 2014,” sources have revealed.


Syrian employees were forced to sign the petition under threat of termination, opposition activists said.


“If you don't sign the petition, you can’t get your salary,'' said Ahmed Qassar, 26, using an alias.


Many colleagues used to exaggerate their loyalty to Assad despite the fact their families are refugees and the hard living conditions in the country.


Radio presenter Khaled Hamad, 36, was recently fired from his job in State television after voicing his support for the rebels.


Hamad, who now works in a grocery store, said he can’t blame any employee in the government if he boasted loyalty to Assad regime, because “he must buy bread for his children at the end of the day.”


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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