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Arnous: Government Welcomes Investors; Officials’ Doors are Open to All

The Prime Minister told Al-Watan that he guarantees the removal of all obstacles and the resolution of problems facing investors.
Arnous: Government Welcomes Investors; Officials’ Doors are Open to All

Prime Minister Hussein Arnous said in a statement to Al-Watan that he personally guarantees the removal of all obstacles and the resolution of any problem facing investors in the preparation of investment work. The procedures were greatly simplified in terms of facilities, speed of licensing, and the achievement of the right environment for investment. 

The Prime Minister stressed that everyone is invited to return to Syria, including investors and citizens. His door and the doors of all officials are open to all. He pointed out that the problems that are happening today in the global economy should be an additional incentive for Syrian investors to return home because it is the greatest guarantee for any Syrian citizen. 

Arnous concluded by emphasizing that President Bashar al-Assad’s recent amnesty decree removed all obstacles of return for all Syrian citizens, not just investors.   

The Prime Minister chaired a meeting of the Supreme Investment Council on Sunday. The meeting aimed to track the reality of the implementation of investment projects that have been approved per the provisions of Law 18 of 2021, which totalled 32 projects at an estimated cost of 1,357 trillion Syrian pounds and provided 2,875 jobs. 

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Projects with investment permits are concentrated in the sectors of food, chemical, textile, renewable energies, medicines, medical supplies, infant formula production, wood industry, building materials, paper and metal industries, detergents, oils, margarine, phosphate fertilizer industry, wheat milling, production and preservation of fruits and produce, chargers, laptops, extension cords, data transmission and services, etc. 

Arnous stressed the need to continuously follow up on each project’s implementation stages until it is in production and overcome any obstacles to implementation. He also stressed the need to focus on investment in the agricultural sector, the main carrier of the national economy and its vital role in GDP growth, as well as its contribution to achieving food security and providing employment opportunities for large segments. He focused on the need to set priorities for development in all regions to promote community economic development, secure the requirements of the local market of various materials, and reduce the import bill.


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