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U.S. Deploys Advanced Air Force to Counter Provocations by Russia in Syria

Washington deployed F-22 Raptor aircraft in the region, citing unsafe behavior of Russian aircraft, according to Baladi News.
U.S. Deploys Advanced Air Force to Counter Provocations by Russia in Syria

U.S. forces recently deployed an advanced air force in the Middle East in response to what they described as “unsafe behaviour” by Russia, according to a statement obtained by Baladi News from the U.S. Central Command.

During the past hours, Washington deployed F-22 Raptor aircraft in the region, citing the unsafe behavior of Russian aircraft as the reason for the deployment.

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The F-22 Raptor, which took off from Langley Air Force Base in Virginia, boasts advanced stealth and aerodynamic performance, making it one of the world’s leading fifth-generation fighters for mission execution.

In a press statement, General Eric Corella, the commander of the Central Command, expressed his disappointment with the unsafe and unprofessional behaviour displayed by Russian forces, stating that such conduct is unbecoming of a professional air force.

He further emphasized that the consistent violations of agreed deconfliction measures by the Russian air force elevate the risk of escalation or miscalculation.

General Corella highlighted that the swift deployment and integration of the F-22 fighter jet into coalition operations serves as a clear demonstration of the United States, its partners, and allies’ shared commitment to peace and stability in the region.  

In recent months, tensions have escalated between Russian and American forces, primarily centred around the non-implementation of disengagement protocols in Syria. The deputy head of the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria accused US Air Force pilots of violating non-clash protocols on May 31, claiming that they activate weapons systems when they come close to Russian air force aircraft.

Concurrently, the United States has levelled accusations against Russia in Syria, while Russian intelligence has disclosed unusual US activities in the region. There have been warnings of potential attacks that Washington may launch in densely populated areas and government institutions in Syria.

Admiral Oleg Gorynov, the deputy head of the Russian Defense Center for Reconciliation, has previously confirmed that US Air Force pilots are disregarding non-collision protocols in Syria. He specifically highlighted that American pilots activate weapons systems when approaching Russian Air Force aircraft.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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